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What Pronation Looks Like

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I just figured out how to post video clips, and I got kind of excited. I say this because I figured I would never be able to figure out how to do it, and therefore couldn’t share what I was seeing when I look at how a pitcher throws a baseball. As I state in the “About PMA” section of this site (top right corner), I am not an expert in the field of pitching mechanics. My knowledge is based on the work of several different authorities in the world of pitching mechanics, including (but not limited to) Chris O’Leary, Paul Nyman, Tom House, and Mike Marshall.

So I want to post a video here as an example of something that everyone pretty much agrees is a good thing to do, so as not to stir up any controversy (for the millions of people reading this). Shown below is a clip of Roger Clemens, taken from Steven Ellis’s Let’s Talk Pitching.

Roger Clemens, Toronto Blue Jays

Roger Clemens, Toronto Blue Jays

There are obviously many good things that Clemens does in this clip, but I’m not going into everything right now. Instead, focus on his right arm at the end of the clip. Specifically, here:


Notice that his palm is facing third base as the pitch is being released. That action is called pronation. Pronating on every pitch, including breaking pitches, is believed to decrease the stress placed on the Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL), sometimes known as the Tommy John Ligament. Pronating through release (not before) instead focuses the force from pitching on the Pronator Teres, which is a muscle and is much stronger than the UCL.

This is just a little peak into the world of pitching mechanics. I hope to write more posts of this kind, and in much greater detail than this one stands now.


Written by dcn29

November 25, 2008 at 4:58 AM